Kratos VIP Club

The Kratos VIP Club is a subscription-based service tailored for individuals who require frequent moving services. Members pay a monthly fee to access the club. Once subscribed, they can utilize a streamlined booking process that prioritizes their scheduling needs. This system is designed to simplify the moving experience for members by providing a consistent and efficient service model, ensuring that their moving needs are met promptly and effectively every time they require assistance.

The Kratos VIP Club offers exceptional value through exclusive discounts and special packages tailored for frequent movers. Members enjoy priority booking, ensuring availability even during peak times. This membership is ideal for those seeking hassle-free relocations with added benefits that enhance convenience and cost-effectiveness, making every move with Kratos smooth and reliable. Join the Kratos VIP Club for unmatched moving experiences.

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Kratos VIP Club Benefits!

  1. Priority Bookings: As a VIP Club member, enjoy priority scheduling for your moves, ensuring you get the dates that work best for you.

  2. Special Offers: Take advantage of exclusive discounts and promotions available only to VIP Club members.

  3. Personalized Service: Receive moving plans customized to meet your specific needs, ensuring a move that’s tailored just for you.

  4. Access to Special Events: Get exclusive invitations to special events hosted by Kratos management, offering unique networking and community-building opportunities.

Experience a truly enhanced moving experience with Kratos Moving’s VIP Club. Enjoy streamlined, priority services, special offers, and the personal touch that makes your transition smooth and stress-free. Join the Kratos VIP Club and feel the difference!

How To Join

  1. Call Our Office: Reach out to our team by calling the phone number listed on our website. You'll have a direct conversation with one of our dedicated sales representatives about your moving needs.

  2. Assessment: Our representative will discuss with you in detail to determine if our VIP Club can effectively meet your specific requirements and preferences.

  3. Sign Up: If our VIP Club is the right fit for you, you'll be guided through the quick sign-up process to become an official member.

  4. Contact Us for Service: Whenever you need our services, just contact us. As a VIP member, setting up your move is a priority for us.

  5. Enjoy White Glove Service: As a special VIP member, you'll enjoy our exclusive Kratos White Glove Service every time you move, ensuring a premium, hassle-free experience.


Precise And Hard Working
Residential Movers

At Kratos Moving, we’re committed to making Home Sweet Home even sweeter, faster! We know that even when a move represents a positive change, that it still causes a great deal of stress as you adjust to a new place, a new job and, potentially, a whole new life. This is why we make sure to get you settled in your new home as quickly as possible so you can start enjoying your new space more quickly.

Condominium Moving
Condominium Movers

Kratos Moving is meeting unique challenges with our expert condominium moving services. Condominium living can have a lot of great conveniences but can also present some specific issues when moving. Depending on the type of condo you are moving from or to, you may have to contend with stairways, narrow entrances, and regulations on moving times. No matter the situation though, we’re here to help your move go right.

Commercial Moving
Commercial Movers​

Worried about lost time during your commercial move? If you’re in the process of moving an office or other commercial space, then your primary concerns are: 1) getting your equipment to your new destination safely and 2) making sure your employees can hit the ground running once the move is complete. At Kratos Moving, we help you do both of these things, cutting your downtime to an absolute minimum, along with your stress level!

Long Distance Moving
Long Distance Movers

Any move is stressful, but a long distance move presents a unique set of logistical issues. What should be sent ahead? What will I need to keep close by? How should we pack the small things so they don’t get lost? Kratos Moving long distance movers can help answer these questions and solve all the problems associated with a long move. With experience, skill and proper equipment, we’ll make your move as easy as possible.

Single Item Moving
Single Item Moving

With Kratos Moving, you can rest assured that your single item will be treated with the respect and care it deserves. Our dedication to customer satisfaction means that the relocation experience for the particular item (whatever it be) will be stress-free and efficient. No matter the item, we are here to make your life easier and professionally handle all products with care.

Junk Removal Services
Junk Removal Services

Say goodbye to clutter with Kratos Moving's efficient junk removal services. Our experienced team swiftly clears out unwanted items from your home or workplace, ensuring prompt, eco-friendly disposal. With affordable pricing and professional service, reclaiming your space has never been easier. Contact us today for a clutter-free tomorrow.

International Moving Services
International Movers

At Kratos Moving, we specialize in making international relocations stress-free. With our global expertise and attention to detail, we ensure a smooth transition to your new home abroad. From comprehensive planning to expert execution, we handle every aspect of your move with precision and care. Trust us to navigate the complexities of international logistics, so you can focus on the excitement of your new adventure.


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